Having Property Abroad

As consultants assisting our clients in acquiring property abroad, our role is to provide guidance and support throughout the entire process. We start with in-depth consultations to understand our clients’ goals, preferences, and budget. We discuss their reasons for wanting property abroad, such as investment, vacation homes, or relocation. We conduct thorough research on potential locations and markets based on our clients’ requirements, considering factors like property prices, market trends, legal regulations, and the local economy. We familiarize ourselves with the legal and regulatory aspects of buying property in the chosen country, including property ownership rules, tax implications, and residency requirements for foreigners. We assist our clients in creating a budget that includes the cost of the property, transaction fees, and ongoing expenses, and explore financing options if needed, such as mortgages or loans. Based on our clients’ criteria, we conduct a property search, either independently or in collaboration with local real estate agents, and provide a shortlist of suitable properties for consideration.

We coordinate property inspections, either in person or virtually, to ensure that the chosen property meets our clients’ expectations and is in good condition. We help our clients perform due diligence, including verifying the property’s legal status, title, and any potential issues, which may involve working with legal experts in the target country. We assist our clients in negotiating the price and terms of the property purchase and guide them through the transaction process. We collaborate with local legal experts or recommend experienced attorneys who can handle the legal aspects of property acquisition, including contracts and title transfer. We advise our clients on tax implications, such as property taxes, income taxes, and inheritance taxes in both their home country and the country where the property is located. We help our clients manage currency exchange and the transfer of funds for the property purchase, considering the impact of currency fluctuations on the final cost. If our clients plan to use the property as an investment or vacation home, we offer advice on property management options, such as property management companies or rental agencies. If applicable, we guide our clients through the process of obtaining residency or a visa in the target country, especially if the purchase is tied to residency requirements.

We provide support after the property acquisition, helping with property maintenance, tenant management, or any other ongoing needs. We offer cultural insights and information about the local community and amenities to help our clients integrate into the new environment. We leverage our network to connect our clients with local experts, real estate agents, property management companies, and any other relevant professionals. Every client and property purchase is unique, so we adapt our services to their specific needs and the requirements of the destination country. Building a strong knowledge base and local connections is valuable in serving our clients effectively.